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Hi Nick,

My apologies, it has been a totally hectic week and I just never got round to giving you a full response as I had planned. In the absence of that let me just give you the highlights of the last 25 years since Bedales.

'73 - '79 Mooched about in various creative arts studies eventually settling on Architecture at the Polytechnic of Central London - got a degree in 78 and then started the long four year process to final RIBA qualification - which starts with a year of internship. I did this at the best paid (but most boring) position available, which turned out to be working up at the Atomic facility in Dounray <sp??>, Thurso, Scotland, with the objective of raising enough funds for a year off to travel around the world on a motorcycle.

'79 - '80 Left London in November 1979 and by way of Terran (during the first days of the siege of the British and American Embassies), Nepal, India, (ship from Madras) Malaysia, Thailand (where on a side excursion I got ship wrecked in the Gulf of Siam), Hong Kong (no overland route available), Taiwan, (where my motorcycle was refused entry) and finally reached Tokyo in May 1980. From here funds were running low and I took on various jobs and trading activities and made several side trips (without
the motorcycle) to China, Australia, New Zealand and a few other places including a return trip to Thailand, which had captivated me on my first visit, and where I was to meet Kesit, a girl from the North of Thailand, with whom I traveled for the next three years and married (in Chichester)in 1983.

'80 - '84 By now the fascination with Asia and the business opportunities that opened up, had just about put of any intention to return to my architectural studies or complete the round the world trip - at least in the near future - and while I have been to the US several times, I have yet to cross the Atlantic. The completion of the journey by motorcycle through north and south America and Africa back to UK (not to stay) remains something that will probably have to wait until my children have grown up.

While mainly based in Hong Kong during this time, in early 1982 we bought a small house (a wooden shack really) on the north shore of a beautiful sand bay on the then almost unknown island of Phuket, to use as a getaway home.

'84 - ' 98 - I and particularity Kesit, after the birth of Julia our first child in 1984 and Robert in 1985 were spending more and more time in Phuket. During the same period Phuket was going through something of a transition (tourist arrivals were only 100,000 a year when we first arrived, but grew rapidly every year and are now 98 close to 3,000,000) so we decided that this might offer the opportunity to start a business locally and spend more time in Phuket and eventually get out of Hong Kong.With my wife's penchant for acquiring land and my Architectural experience it wasn't long before we ended up in real estate. We have done and continue to do several small scale, high end, resort housing developments and since 1990 have been increasingly involved in (real) estate agency and consultation work (see http://www.phuketland.com.

And that I guess, brings me to where I am today. I think we will always have a home in Phuket and until the kids finish school (we are fortunate that just as we needed a good school a very well equipped and endowed international boarding school managed by Dulwich College, England was established in Phuket) in 4-5 years time, it will be a permanent home. As the kids go on to university (or whatever) we plan to travel more and probably set up a second home somewhere else in the world - on current
convictions this is unlikely to be in England (the weather is frankly too off putting for making any more than occasional visits) and would most likely be in a ski resort somewhere like New Zealand, B.C or Switzerland). And of course, I still have to complete that round the world trip on my motorcycle!

For those that want to know, or are considering a trip to Thailand, this is where to find me.

Phuket Land Ltd, 115/1 Kalim, Patong, Kathu, Phuket, Thailand
Tel. 66-76-340207, 340348. Fax. 66-76-340692, 340426
E-mail : william@phuketland.com

Have attached a zip with a few rather low density/quality scanned pictures, that should give some idea of what I have been up to in the last 25 years. w_pinsent.zip


William Pinsent

william@phuketland.com From the beach, Phuket.

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