Fiona Brown (Clarke)


Bedales 1971.-1973


Jessie 12
Oliver 9


Editorial Assistant for Economics journal


Alvechurch, Birmingham,    See


Editors of The Journal of Industrial Economics


After Bedales I went to Bristol University studying economics and economic history. I enjoyed myself immensely - great university, marvellous city - so much so that I stayed on for another year doing a managerial/ secretarial course at the Poly.

I then became gainfully employed as a commercial management trainee with Marks & Spencer, working in various stores (mainly London based but also Plymouth) progressing up the ladder to become a Departmental Manager. After about 4 years I felt it was time to move on, as on the textile side of things all I saw were the complaining customers and shoplifters - very depressing. Also, I was fairly hopeless on merchandising the food side - we'd either sold out by lunchtime or I had the Manager saying "not another dinner party, Mrs Brown" as we had a ton of avocados left over. I moved into conference administration for a large firm of city accountants which was fun for abit then moved on into more general administration for a couple of years with an American company based in Leicester Square.

I met Richard( a Civil Engineer) while at Bristol and we were married in Steep Church in 1977. We now have 2 children, Jessie (13) and Oliver (9). Jessie is far more musical than I ever was having already played her clarinet in the Birmingham Symphony Hall. Oliver has no discernible talents as yet but we live in hope!

I took 'time-out' when the children were little running local toddler groups etc and occupying myself with all the other various activities one does to keep small children amused as well as playing tennis and drinking a lot of coffee! I also got involved in animal welfare work becoming secretary of the local farm animal charity. Looking back this was an enjoyable and fulfilling stage of my life but I realised that when Oliver started school I needed to do something more to occupy myself (and help pay school fees) and so did one of those "women returning to work" computer based courses.

For the last 5 years I have been working part time at Warwick University as an Editorial Assistant for the Journal of Industrial Economics. This has been an ideal job for me. A certain amount of the copy editing/proof reading can be done at home and it fits in with school hours. Also I have had one overseas trip a year (for the AGM) - New York, San Francisco, Barcelona, Paris have been the places visited so far which isn't bad!

After having lived in 5 houses in 8 years we are now settled in Alvechurch, a village in North Worcestershire, just south of Birmingham (or north of Stratford upon Avon depending who one is talking to!) It's sufficiently rural to have the garden invaded by the neighbouring sheep every so often (to say nothing of the horses and cows which have also trampled through!) but accessible to the theatres of Stratford or Birmingham should we feel in the need of culture.

Well, I think that's about it. I'm sure there's more but it has faded into the dim and distant past.

Our next official reunion is when we're all verging 60 - what a thought!