Fiona Reid

Bedales 1968-1973

King's College Cambridge, Natural Sciences


Mark Douglas Engstrom
Holly (3),
Ian (1)
OB Siblings


Ilustrator, Naturalist, Nature tour guide (South & Central America)


Scarborough, Ontario,  See


"I am sorry not to be coming to the reunion. Wish I could afford a quick trip over.

Instead we will be celebrating Ian's first birthday party on June 21 (his birthday is June 16).

I would of course be glad to hear from anyone who remembers me - I would especially like to hear from Tessa Hall

Have a great weekend.

O yes here are flyers for my book - baby #3 - 9 year gestation !"


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A Field Guide to the Mammals of Central America and Southeast Mexico. Fiona A. Reid. Oxford University Press. 1998 ISBN 0-19-506401-1


From the preface "Some species I painted while sitting in a truck, using the steering wheel as an easel, and some in a tent with a headlamp at night, but most were done outside during the day, sitting on the ground or on a log. The white background of the plates suffered from a continuous onslaught of dust, sweat, and grime, and other indefinable debris. Carrying the plates throughout Central America involved some harrowing experiences, one of which was a short flight to Tortuguero in Costa Rica. The pilot had at length persuaded me to put my portfolio in the front baggage hold in the nose of the plane, and after we took off he realized that the door to this hold had come open. While the other four passengers agonized over the possibility of the plane going down if the luggage became tangled in the propellors, I was trying to follow our coordinates so I could search for my plates if they fell to the swampy ground below. Fortunately, we landed at a small airfield, corrected the problem, and lost nothing but peace of mind."



Henrietta Scott (Oppenheimer)

woolyvamp3.jpg (45036 bytes) Woolly Vampire bat (C) Copyright Fiona Reid 1997

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