Jenny Roland (Simon)

Dunhurst 1963-1967, Bedales 1967-1973


Daughter 4
OB Siblings






I won't give you any pathetic excuses as to why I couldn't make it, but suffice to say I would have come if I could. I am glad that things went well for all who attended and I look forward to reading your account of the day. I am sure that there were a few people around with very mixed feelings about the place and some of the people. It was always like that when we were actually there.

So far as a brief life history is concerned I really don't know where to start and what to leave out or put in. Anyway I will give it a go.

After school I spent a year at the local college in Colchester and learned how to play Bridge quite well and enjoyed myself. I have had numerous jobs, some more interesting and permanent than others. Filing Clerk, Thames Saling Barge Mate, Sailmaker, Residential Social Worker, Teachers Assistant, Customer Service Manager, Computer Liaison Officer and now an Administrator for Roche Diagnostics Northern Europe Services based in Lewes, part of F Hoffmann la Roche. In amongst all that I spent 6 months in the US, which I partly loved and hated.

I have moved around the country but, stayed in the south and although I live quite close to the old haunts I haven't been back there since the early 80's.

I am married, for the second time and have one daughter who is nearly 4yrs old and a husband who has a failing transplanted kidney and will be on dialysis shortly, until a new donor is matched. I still have a great love for sports, although mostly watching these days, however I do still play tennis when I can and swim mainly for my daughters benefit.

For those of you who remember, my brothers George and James they are now a farmer and Assistant Technical Manager of a Theatre respectively. Out of the three of us I think that George is the only one who ended up doing what he wanted to do.

I have over the years met up with various old Bedalians, by chance rather than anything else, and there is surprisingly little talk about the old days. Perhaps we have reached the age now that we don't want to be reminded of younger times!

On a more general note, I find it alarming that when invited to the 25th anniversary of leaving school to realise that we still, in theory, have almost as long to go again before we retire, unless we are lucky enough to make a fortune and retire ealry. I wish I was able to make this sound more exciting, but when you try and pack a whole adult life into a few words it becomes very CV like. I certainly wouldn't employ myself if this landed on my desk.

If anyone would like to contact me please do pass on my address.

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Dear Nick,

I would like to give you more information about my life, having received considerable complaint from my husband about the lack of information I supplied compared to others and also having read everyone else's contributions. It is also ironic that I should receive Kevin's addition today, too. In 1989 I realised that I was in the wrong marriage, not that I didn't have a lot of feeling for my husband, but I knew it wasn't right and would have dragged us both down in the long term. I bailed out and started again and eventually found Guy, my current husband with whom I had a daughter called Molly. Molly is now three, (nearly four, very important at this age) and is a great source of enjoyment to us both, but I know that she is probably also the cause of feeling absolutely knackered a lot of the time. Guy and I didn't marry until 1997, mainly due to my reluctance, why spoil something that works well. Eventually, he persuaded me that it was the right thing to do, and they changed the state benefits for single parents too!

Molly has spent most of her life in someone else's care, during the working day. I have found the balance between the two quite easy until now, but I know when she starts school things are going to be much more difficult to manage. Maybe, private education is the answer! How many of us would consider this option? I get the feeling that there are a number who have less than pleasant memories of their time at Bedales. Maybe, I was lucky, but I don't think I have any hang ups about my time at school, apart from the fact that I didn't achieve on the educational front, but I really don't think I was cut out for it anyway, so I don't class this as a hang up.

Interestingly John C, I was told at school by Drac, (is that how you spelt her name?), that she thought I was dyslexic, but no one ever did anything about it. I have always had a hatred for John Batstone, for picking on me to read aloud to the class, when he knew I found it very difficult and something I still struggle with these days. I can only read the word that I am looking at, so reading aloud is not to be recommended. Perhaps I have found my hang up!

I have also discovered that I have an appalling memory as I can't remember anyone particularly well and for that reason I wish I had been able to attend the reunion. I hope that at some stage we are going to be supplied with names for the photographs. The life histories that have been sent so far, are really fascinating and have given us great enjoyment. Not much extra information about me, but there isn't much to tell you. I have worked nearly all of my life since school, but nothing to write about, unless you want to know about evacuating a disabled child or how to speak to a customer on the phone etc.. If you can integrate the bits that are worth it into my previous attempt, then please do. I won't be offended if you decide not to bother. Regards, Jenny.