Jeremy Mortimer

Dunhurst 1965-1968, Bedales 1969-1973

New College, Oxford (English)


Polly Mortimer (Fisher)
Felix 11,
Dora 9,
Beatrix 7


BBC Radio producer


London, N8  See
Broadcasting House Room 6071
Ext 55036 / 54056 (0171 765 5036)
Fax: 0171 765 5962


So, at some point in November '73 drifted away from Steep (it was a very easy separation) and found myself with various other Bedalians working in Harrods and living in a bedsit in Baron's Court. Went to work in a suit for the first and last time. Nine months, and many different jobs later, went to New College and puzzled over the alienness of single sex establishments. Jonathan T (also at New College) a great help, but not really in that way ! Travelled a lot to Warwick and later Leicester to see Polly (qv). Directed plays a bit and appreciated buildings and books. 1977 - got a job which used the full limit of my CSE Maths - stock controller for a publishers in Bloomsbury. Had sole responsibility for moving vast quantities of Edward Heath and Shirley Conran around the country. Wormed into editorial side and produced books on natural childbirth and the battle of Waterloo. Polly and I moved in to small flat in Islington (not yet trendy).

Gave up publishing (Dickensian salary wasn't too bad, but the manuscripts were eaten by mice) and spent 6 months travelling round South America equipped with bona fide from Vogue. Wrote some travel pieces, swam with iguanas and interviewed the President of Peru. Later worked shortly for Amnesty International before joining BBC Radio. Broadcasting House exerts a strange pull over me and I've been here since then. Producing & directing plays mostly, and generally being a medium sized cog in the BBC management machine. Also involved with the wonderfully non-essential European Broadcasting Union which means working with Radio Bratislava, Finnish radio, Radio Israel etc. BBC Drama is now an omni-media place so I come across David Thompson (he's in TV Drama) quite a bit, and I'm now making very cheap TV documentaries as well as radio programmes. Have yet to design a web site but am working on that.

Polly has already marked the wondrous advents of Felix (1996), Dora (1998) and Beatrix (1991). And that we got married when Felix was 1 and took him on our honeymoon to Tuscany. Soon after that started to be liberated from hair (solidarity with Graham). We've resisted any urge to leave London and are happy in our house under the imposing silhouette of Alexandra Palace. We want to keep chickens again, and to do VSO when we're sixty, and to have the time to read the books on our shelves.



Radio Drama, drm_home2, HR- Fax from London

Polly Mortimer (Fisher), Mel Davis, Jonathan Taylor