Jeremy Wilde

Dunhurst 1964-1968, Bedales 1968-1972



Matthew 17
Sarah 14
OB Siblings


IT Consultant


Haslemere, Surrey See


Potted bio: I did a Natural Sciences degree then got married to Elizabeth Royall and stayed a fourth year at Cambridge doing a postgrad Diploma in Computer Science in order to synchronise with the third year of her PhD.

Sept 1977 moved to London and started work at Logica, a software house (as it was then called - now an "IT Systems Integration Solutions" company or similar...). Stayed 19 years at Logica until Sept 1996, during which significant moments may be deemed to be a 20-month spell in Brussels (project for SHAPE/NATO) during which son Matthew was born (1981), and 3 years later in Haslemere, Surrey (having moved out of London) when daughter Sarah was born (1984).

Approaching 40 I took up orienteering in about 1993 and have done a lot of running in the last 5 years. Also moved to my second employer, Syntegra ("the systems integration business of BT"), nearly 2 years ago.

Matthew is now 17 and Sarah 14, so I calculate that makes about 7 years till I can retire from the rat race if any of you can give me a good share/horse/lottery tip.

Very sorry to hear about Liz Harrop, with whom I always felt an affinity because of our shared birthday and spells in Katmandu. Please pass on my love.