Mel Davis

Bedales 1970-1973

London School Of Economics


David Wilson
Two Stepdaughters


TV producer


Leeds See 


Kristin Charlesworth, Peter Grimsdale, Gabriel Irwin, Morna Macleod, Jonathan Taylor, Ann Cavanagh (Thomason)


After university in ondon (LSE) I spent two years in the City (Gabriel Irwin inherited the job later) and then did a 6 month traineeship in the press department of the EU Commission in Brussels, with special responsibility for women's groups. I continued promoting the euro cause to wimmmin for a couple of years in London and then spent five years, (now referred to as the wilderness years) researching for labour MPs at the House of Commons.

By about 1984 careers in the Labour party were not a guaranteed success and were hardly paid for, so I went to work for a new, independent TV company, many of which had mushroomed up from nowhere as a result of the then new Channel 4. In 1986 I went to work for Yorkshire TV for a one year contract making adult educational programmes mainly for Channel 4.

That was twelve years ago, and as you've guessed, I'm still here in Leeds. Finally meeting mr Right had a lot to do with this (as ever a late developer) but I did manage to settle down finally, with him (David that is) and his children then aged 10 and 12 who lived with him. Being a stepmother to teenagers was definitely a character building experience. Still a bit slow on the growing-up stuff, we have finallbought our first house together this week.y

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