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Welcome skivers (you know who you are).  This is a sofa in cyberspace upon which to vegetate, gossip and spill your coffee.

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uc2tn.gif (966 bytes)1999 Dahlings, I hacked most of these pages in straight after the '98 reunion in a nostalgic fit of teenage enthusiasm, but it's taken me a whole year to get round to putting them somewhere you could see them.  Sorry.  They are very incomplete, not just because I am lazy and incompetent, but because so many of you dossers  failed to hand in your essays ("What I did in my life (so far)") at all.   Of course I was going to do lots of other clever stuff too but more life happened. Anyway, as a first stab,  I decided to bluff and post what I had regardless of its shortcomings.    Many thanks to those who have contributed, especially reunion and period photographs (Stuart, ClementHenrietta, Fiona B, Peter, Gabriel, Mel D); illustrated contributions (Bill, Fiona R, Henrietta, Judy , Jenny, Kevin); vampires, weasels and other beautiful fauna (Fiona R). And thanks to Jeremy M for preserving and digitalizing the manuscript for the  Bedalian Wasteland 

uc2tn.gif (966 bytes)2003 Five more years of skiving, dossing and  trouser rolling,   I keep getting asked 'Whatever happened to those pages you did?'.  I finally got off the sofa for five minutes to add, a torch  to shine  into the bike shed where the bashful pages have been lurking all the time.    So here they are once more, still pathetically incomplete (no,  apathetically incomplete), random and spurious... some things never change do they?

And in the meantime 1967,  1972,  1973, 1974, 1999 have all added pages too.  There's even an official site . I mean how unselect can you get? 

If current e mail addresses aren't, please let me know.  If you want the official address list, mail here

        -- Nick

uc2tn.gif (966 bytes)In the meantime if you have any news, corrections, additions, photos, noises, links, pages, blatant lies, sillinesses. or other useful gossip: please e-mail me     

  • Nerd note: To view the yearbook index pages and some others,you need a browser that supports 'frames'   e.g. Microsoft  Explorer 3.0 or later, or Netscape 2.0 or later (though I have only tested with the latest versions, that is IE 5.0 & Netscape 4.6).  If you haven't got frames,  you can still get to individual entries via the 'outdoor work' page. 


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