Stanley Spencer

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Stanley Spencer & Bedales

 Catalogue  for "Sir Stanley Spencer, R.A. 1891-1959  A Collection of Paintings and Drawings',  Piccadilly Gallery, London 1978

"In 1920 he went to live with the Slessers at Bourne End. They were among a number of patrons who bought his work at this period. He also stayed with Henry Lamb at Durweston in Dorset, and with Muirhead Bone at Steep near Petersfield. He was to paint pictures for a Memorial Hall at Steep, and for Bedales school (Nos 17/19); both projects fell through."

There are three pictures listed in the catalogue related to the school:

17 Class of School Girls, circa 1921  14.5 x 18.5

Spencer worked on a project fro a decorative scheme at Bedales Music school while staying with the painter Muirhead Bone at Steep, near Petersfield in the summer of 1921. In the  event the scheme was never carried out. This drawing appears to have been used for part of the background to the Painting 'The Music Lesson at Bedales', sold by the Arthur Tooth Gallery in 1960

          18 The Music Rehearsal, circa 1921* Pencil & Wash  50 x 41.5

          19 Music Lesson at Bedales circa 1921. Lupton hall pews clearly visible.

Private Collection, London

There were at least two more drawings in this series .