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The following have all written some sort of account of what happened to them between 1973 & 1998:
Mandy Hamilton (Boughey)   
Judy Stevenson (Cahn)       
John Sutherland (Chesney)      
Fiona Brown (Clarke)    
Mel Davis    
Clement Edwards     
Fiona Holliday (Ellis)     
Polly Mortimer (Fisher)    
Ben Friman    
Peter Grimsdale    
Tessa Hall    
Kevin Harvey    
Cathy Devitt (Hay)    
Charlotte Jones (Goodfield)    
Tim Juckes    
Nick Knowles    
Richard Grassby-Lewis (Lewis)    
Morna Macleod)     
Jane Mayer  
Jeremy Mortimer   (Need Photos)
Debbie Parris  
Nick Paul    
William Pinsent   Great pictures 
Mark Preston  
Fiona Reid   Fab book
Jenny Roland (Simon)   (Obsolete?)
Graham Slack    
Jonathan Taylor   (Obsolete?)
Jeremy Wilde  

Skivers  (Report for Outdoor work)

The following still haven't handed in their official autobiographies. Please feel free to invent one for them and send it to me. If you have  recent photographs of yourself, your beloved and your life, that would be nice too. See  William Pinsent  for a good example.
greyball.GIF (199 bytes) Nicky McMullan (Baldry)
greyball.GIF (199 bytes) Nick Barker
greyball.GIF (199 bytes) Sarah Roberts (Bennett)
x.gif (109 bytes) Simon Binney   (Need Recent Photo)
greyball.GIF (199 bytes) Sandy Birsel  
greyball.GIF (199 bytes) Kate Blacker  
greyball.GIF (199 bytes) Liz Doorbar (Brooke)  
greyball.GIF (199 bytes) Nicky Brunnschweiler   
Lisabetta Castelli     (Need Recent Photo)       
greyball.GIF (199 bytes) Kristin Charlesworth   
greyball.GIF (199 bytes) Steven Corfie   (Obsolete?)
x.gif (109 bytes) Stephen Dixon   (Need Recent Photo)
x.gif (109 bytes) Daphne Moller (Durell)    (Need Recent Photo)
greyball.GIF (199 bytes) Caro Maxwell-Wood (Elphick)  
x.gif (109 bytes) Johnny Gleadowe (Need Recent Photo)
x.gif (109 bytes) Adam Goff (Need Recent Photo)
x.gif (109 bytes) Chris Granville-Mathews   (Need Recent Photo)
x.gif (109 bytes) Liz Harrop   (Need Recent Photo)
greyball.GIF (199 bytes) Jason Hartcup  
greyball.GIF (199 bytes) Emma Hartley  
greyball.GIF (199 bytes) Gabriel Irwin  
greyball.GIF (199 bytes) Stuart (Humphrey) Mansfield  
greyball.GIF (199 bytes) Ros Massil  
x.gif (109 bytes) Joan Miller     (Need Recent Photo)
greyball.GIF (199 bytes) Mel Morris  
greyball.GIF (199 bytes) Frank Norall    (Obsolete?)
greyball.GIF (199 bytes) Henrietta Scott (Oppenheimer)
David Raggett 
greyball.GIF (199 bytes) Rod Richards
greyball.GIF (199 bytes) Liadain Sherrard
x.gif (109 bytes) Jay Simmonds (Judy Saint)   (Need Recent Photo)
x.gif (109 bytes) Eleanor Sharpston
x.gif (109 bytes) Deborah Simon  (Need Recent Photo)
x.gif (109 bytes) Lesley Bryning (Snuggs) (Need Recent Photo)
x.gif (109 bytes) Sarah Dodds (Stewart)
x.gif (109 bytes) Ann Cavanagh (Thomason) (Need Recent Photo)
greyball.GIF (199 bytes) Lesley Tiarks (Verner)greyball.GIF (199 bytes)
x.gif (109 bytes) Paul (Willy) Westmore   (Need Recent Photo)
x.gif (109 bytes) Michael Wheatley    
x.gif (109 bytes) Sonia Whittington   (Need Recent Photo)
greyball.GIF (199 bytes) Landa Melrose (Woodcock) (Need Recent Photo)
x.gif (109 bytes) Michelle Young (Need Recent Photo)

Lurkers (Please help to find)

[Perhaps they took 'the chief' too literally?].  


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