There are two forms of the UK FareXChange profile:

  1. Basic Profile: common basic UK Bus fares.
  2. Advanced Profile: More complex UK Bus fares and conditions.

In the Basic profile complex conditions may be explained textually; in thw Advanced profile such conditions may be expressed with machine readable elements

Basic Profile Scope

The FareXChange Basic profile aims to cover:

Trip and pass products


Carnet products


The basic profile is intended to support the following features.

Access Rights


Network elements used in tariff structures:

  • Stop points
    • NaPTAN stops
    • NPTGLocalities used to indicate Topographic place
  • Tariff zones
    1. PlusBus - NPTG defined
    2. Operator Specific - Operator defined
    3. Multi-Operator - Local Authority or By agreement
  • Lines (routes)
  • Organisations
    • Operators (with National Operator code)
    • Groups of Operators
    • Other organisations (e.g. retail consortiums)

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Tariff Structures

Access rights to network:

  • Spatial
    • Flat
    • Point-to-Point & Zone-to-zone
    • Named zones
    • Unit section count
  • Temporal
    • Pass durations
      • 60 min, 90 min 180 min. etc
      • Evening
      • Day
      • Weekly
      • Monthly
      • Quarterly
      • Annual
    • Travel Demand period types: Day types and time bands for travel
      • Peak
      • Off-peak, etc
  • Qualitative
    • Number of trips/passes bundled in carnet

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Trip Products

Fares to make a one-off trip:

  • Travel validity
    • Short hop: Limited number of stops
    • Single trip
    • Return trip
    • Time limited single trip ("hopper")
    • Day return
    • Period return (Fixed or variabel start date)
  • Eligibility:
    • User types
    • Group tickets
  • Travel Conditions:
    • Whether Can interchange or not
    • Frequency of Use with a given period
    • Use by date
  • Commercial conditions:
    • Personal or transferable

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Pass Products

Period passes for a given period:

  • Travel validity
    • Day pass: also night and short interval passes
    • Term-time pass: academic term or year
    • Season pass: periods of on or more multiples of days, weeks, months, quarters or years
  • Eligibility:
    • User types
    • Group tickets (e.g. family day pass)
    • Commercial conditions:
      • Personal or transferable

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Carnet Products

Discounted multi-trip bundles of individual trips or passes :

  • Access rights
    • Single trips
    • Day pass
  • Commercial conditions:
    • Personal or transferable

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Sales Offer parameters

Conditions applying to product sale.

  • Media

    Available types of Travel documents:

    • Paper ticket
    • Smartcard
    • Mobile app ticket

  • Distribution Channels

    Available ways of purchasing a ticket:

    • On-board
    • At stop (self-service machine)
    • At counter (Rail or bus station)
    • Online - Mobile app
    • Online - post (for passes and cards)
    • Travel shop

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Advanced Profile Scope


The advanced  profile support the basic features and additionally allows further products and further conditions.

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